* 1964 in Prague

Studies: Skilled as a metal engraver, SSPP emphasis Art handcraft
Work experience: 6-year-work experience as a metal engraver (tools production, steel engraving), since 1988 free lance job

The jewels are inspired not only by art nouveau, natural motives, but also by the material itself. Most often the semi-precious stone is combined with metal (white metal, mainly nickel white brass – “pakfong”): It is based on the contrast of surfaces, where flesh and differently dull surfaces alternate. Technology of production comes from old ways of goldsmith, metal-chasing and engraver profession (hand curving, filing, metal-chasing of the shape, soldering, polishing, stone arranging, engraving). Offer of jewels contains both small individual pieces (rings, earrings, pendants, brooch, tie-clips, pins, etc.) and whole collections (necklace, brooch, bracelet, ring, etc.), decorative belts and small fashion accessories.

One part of work includes demanding jewels made according to original design. These are usually ordered by individual customers or it is a reconstruction of historical jewels or accessories from metal. Everything is made only from the metal or in combination with natural stones or ground stones. The jewels are intended not only for daily wearing but also for special social occasions. Everything is made only in one copy.

The used metal is health friendly – with the testimonial. Co-operation with: fashion designer Dana Maskova pottery maker Marketa Pribylova caser J.F. Matousek with galleries: Kis Obecni dum G7 Decastello Alfa- Stocek

Co-operation with:


1983-90 Valdstejnska zahrada
1989 Unhost
1989 Kladno
1990 KD Ladvi (Prague)
1990 U Hybernu (Prague) –  Collective association artists
1991 Roztoky u Prahy - Doteky mody - Collective association artists
1991 Atrium (Prague) – Collective association artists
1991 Palac Kultury (Prague)
1992 UTIA Ladvi (Prague)
1994 Betlemska kaple (Prague)
1994 Kino Praha (Prague) – fashion presentation – Meeting with Beauty
1997 Communio (Prague) – Rotunda Sv. Krize
1998 Galerie Manes (Prague) – Plejady – Clothes 1998
1998 Tradefare Mnichov
1999 Galerie Manes - Clothes 1999
1999 Galerie Uranie – with Valdemar Sokol
1999 Autumn exhibition – jewels with clothes of Dana Maskova, Radar Prague
2000 Obecni Dum Prague – Clothes 2000
2000 Velikonoce v Ungeltu – Galerie Ivany Follove, Prague
2000 Bochor u Prerova – Chryzantemy a sperk
2001 MKD Karvina – with M.Pribylova
2002 Galerie kritiku, Prague – Clothes 2002
2004 Galerie 10 – sole exhibition, Prague
2005 Ecce Terra – with M. Pribylova and J. F. Matousek, Prague
1990-2010 Christmas exhibitions SpaJP – Prague
1998-2010 Pavlac Prague – exhibition and fashion show